The Emperor's Finest

Crash Landing

We arrive at Macragge and there’s a Chaos fleet there. The Captain orders the helmsman to gun it. The engines short out. Chaos shoots off our engines, which are shorted out. Since our frigate is on a collision course with Macragge anyway, we abandon ship so the Ultramarine fleet can shred it. Things are going less than well.
Our escape craft is also a POS, and so getting to the planet is exciting. We crash land on something a kilometer and a half short, which is fortunately flat. We fail to die. We threaten ATC until they send someone to get us.
Naia and Ignatia start walking after 2.5 hours. At three hours, two blue Valkyries land, point heavy bolters at the party, and stormtroopers file out and demand everyone get on the ground.
Mynock gets up and tells them this is not the way to greet the Inquisition bearing important information. They are unimpressed. When approached, the Marshal surrenders his sidearm. Kaius is, however, the least impressed, when he is woken up by a gun and tries to go back to sleep. He is then dragged out, still snoring.
Mynock tells the troopers, when asked, that there are no more on the ship.
“Who sent you?”
“Jagedai Khan.”
This goes over with some laughter. The party is zip tied and tossed in the Valkyries. They are being taken to the Fortress of Hera.
Ignatia and Naia are still walking. We kill an innocent (?) guy in a truck and drive through Reno. We hide the body out in the desert, ditch the jeep at an abandoned factory, and jack a new car to get to the Fortress of Hera.
Meanwhile, the gentlemen get beaten up by their stormtrooper hosts for singing ‘Horse With No Name’. They are then taken down, down, down into the basement of the fortress and put in an interrogation room, zip tied to chairs.
Mynock tells his tale to the Inquisitor, and she believes him.
Marnius Calgar returns with the Inquisitor. They debate whether or not this is reasonable to believe, then Calgar orders them freed and takes them to the library, where they are brain-****’d by Tiberius to verify their story. While being brain-****’d, Tiberius both finds that they are telling the truth and that there are two more agents. Mynock gives the Inquisitor his microbead and she stalks off after impugning Inquisitor Payne’s methods. The girls get picked up in a Thunderhawk.
At the stasis field of Robby G., there is argument. Naia gets frustrated and gives a speech, Kaius uses the distraction to try to turn off the stasis field. Turns out, we need a week for him to develop a virus.
Kaius: Goes and talks to the Tech-Marines, and works on his virus.
Naia: Talks to Tiberius, gets a wink, and then sighs and spends the rest of the week obsessively gathering data from all of the Ultramarines who will talk to her about anything they will talk about.
Mynock: Gets cornered by the Inquisitor and asked about Inquisitor Payne’s fate. Mynock manages not to tell any lies by very carefully stating the truth, and gets in a heated argument over the status of Khan and the nature of heresy and the place of the Primarchs.
Blackthorn: Reads the ‘Apocalypse’ section of the archives for Primarch-waking clues. They don’t let him read most of it.



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