The Emperor's Finest

We Meet the Khan

Southeast: Darkspine Mountains
Southwestern volcanic region: Augustine Blight
Pacific Northwest: Terrastria
Middle: Plains of Adonai

We proceed south through the field of corpses. Naia throws up regularly. We get to the spot where the militia guy said he saw our mysterious figure. It’s a battlefield – messy, tainted, and not what we’re looking for. There’s a row of undamaged enemy tanks, which have been eviscerated? Tracks trend off towards the southwest. It’s getting dark so we make camp in the truck. We find other vehicles that have had the same thing happen. Night passes uneventfully. The next day, we get after them again. We are headed southwest. Second night also passes without incident. The plains are increasing in ash content. We get into the foothills, have to dodge the occasional volcanic thing.
We find the footprints terminate in a cave. Let’s go spelunking! Mynock takes point, and Naia takes pictures. The ash peters out as we get into the cave, as do the footprints. As we get into the cave, Naia pulls Mynock back and points out a flickering light source further in. The party decides to walk casual, but quiet.
We get an argument with drunk Jaghetai Khan. Mynock kicks over the barrel of beer. More arguing ensues – apparently the Primarchs had a mother that betrayed the Emperor? Mynock leaves with a parting shot about Khan being a child. Kaius says the Abbadon said his top knot was better than yours, while undressing the Primarch with his eyes.
Moriana is the name.
We get back to the town. Jaghetai Khan decides to retake the planet.
According to Mr. BigPants we are going to the city. Now. Mynock suggests assembling forces. Khan agrees, then starts walking towards the city. Kaius and Naia fanboy/girl after him.
After his wide-broadcast speech about killing the Chaos bastards, and the Mynock says something about needing to get there before all the enemies of dead. Khan starts running.
Sadly, a redneck technical panzerkleist does not appear.
20 miles down the road, we hit resistance. Some Chaos patrols coagulated in response to the planet-wide broadcast.
Khan jumps on our truck and we drive towards them; close to the objective, he jumps off towards them and cleaves a vehicle in two. The Chaos LAVs open fire on him. We open fire on them. The Marshal tries to drive us into a flanking position and crashes in a ditch. Ignatia takes cover in the ditch, Naia starts up the ditch towards the fight, and Mynock gets in a good shot at a vision block on the right LAV while Kaius hides in a wheel well.
The Marshal runs, slides, and throws a grenade. Enemies in the right trench: exploded. Awesome. Naia takes advantage of this to run up and take cover behind the right LAV. Mynock takes out the vision block of the left LAV.
Chaos breaks and runs. Khan tells us to let them go. Khan sniffs and says: You will need better weapons. The fallen are coming.




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