The Emperor's Finest

Transmission Aborted

40K Session Notes: 5/26/2014

Commencing: Operation Dreamsicle
Mission profile: Not smashing the planet until candy comes out.
Go to Giredon Prime
Have requested a Valkyrie with high-grade optics and directional RF finder. Bertrand (aka Sam the Eagle) says the Valkyrie is easy, the extra packages are iffy.
When we arrive, we find the valkyrie. Turbo checks it out and says it’s good. We have a message to go to Radio Shack #1156159. We rent a van.
When we get there, we get three boxes containing hunter’s binoculars and ‘My First RF’ set, and an apology from Bertrand.
Ok, now to find a tech priest to make this not suck. We go to the walled Ad Mech conclave, and our wheelman stays in the car. File forms. File forms to expedite the forms. End timeline: 2 weeks. We send a message to Bertrand for help expediting, estimated 2 days.
Then we get a suite at the Space Hampton Inn and set up our gear.
Bertrand gets back to us with a new authorization code, bumping up the work order to 48 hours.
Time elapsed on planet until meeting with Tech Priest: 4 days.
At 2d18hr, we get a new transmission.
New transmission is a missive on the new Inquisitor in town, giving a quick bio and location(!) and picture (grainy picture of guy in a crowd, at least a few months ago because Inq doesn’t look haggard). We feel confirmed in our estimate that the leaks are being done by a team.
At 4d8hr, we get our Valkyrie seen to. Tech Priest very unhappy. Our ‘First RF Set’ is now wired directly into the central electrical trunk, and may cause our plane to turn off unexpectedly.
Our Marshal(?) goes to talk to the Arbites, gets in with the local Judiciary. Who says that the leak is professional. As far as the Arbites know, this guy doesn’t brag anywhere. And his gear is better than milspec.
Marshal takes a note: who are our Inquisitor’s enemies? Of course, we’ll never find out.
Any reports of stolen technology from local PDF depots?
Chaos caused by the pacification makes communications register search iffy.
Judiciary very worried about this leak; it’s causing a lot of problems.
No copycats yet.
Ignatia goes to try to steal stuff from Neiman Marcus; it’s too well guarded so she decides to courts the black market as a buyer rather than a seller.
She finds a fence, Chumley, and gets the name of an electronics fence (Lucas). She tries to validate this info with another fence and fails.
Kate and Paul go to Lucas’. Paul mentions Chumley. They end up having to go take a gang out.
Meanwhile, Jen and Carper get a ping. We fly casual, and find a TV truck, a moving truck, and a box truck in range. Cleveland happens to be in the area so we have him go stick transmitters on them. The TV truck’s transmitter doesn’t send, but moving truck guy sets off Cleveland’s cop sense. Cleveland goes all cop on the moving guy; as soon as Cleveland turns away, the guy picks up his cell phone. The Valk needs to refuel, so Cleveland calls up the Arbites with the license plates. It turns out there is a checkpoint coming up.
We refuel the Valk.
At the checkpoint, the Arbites pull the moving van off. Combat ensues. Cleveland yells for the perp to get on the ground, and when said perp tries to roll away, Cleveland fires a warning shot that debilitates his right leg. This successfully catches the perp.
The TV truck and box trucks had mundane cargo, the moving truck did actually have comm gear.
Interrogation of perp by Cleveland and Paul. Jen and Carper stay with the Valk, still convinced that this was a decoy. Interrogation not very useful.
STATUS UPDATE FROM THE BOSS: Bring him back. New mission.
We return the perp to the Inquisitor, as per the transit orders that come through. Paul and the perp have theological arguments the whole way home.

The perp grabbed Paul in the hallway, his eyes glazed over, and he said something about having expected better.

New mission: Rakesh. Take a look at the funky new artifacts, confirmed Imperial, that the Ad Mech excavations have uncovered. Ad Mech have requested Inquisitorial assistance.



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