The Emperor's Finest

The Butterfly Effect

We convince Khan to leave with us on our ship. Kaius decides to stay with the Khan at all times, exclaiming: “He’s a living suppository of history! Er, repository. Yes.” We all stay in the cutter with the Primarch.
The Captain starts to get suspicious, which is not helped by our random answers to ‘why the hell are you staying in a little box for weeks’.
Mynock goes poking around the ship after Ignatia says she heard someone say they heard someone say something about ’wouldn’t it be great if the Emperor died and came back?‘.
Apparently the Black Crusade is making good time and has reinforcements. Mynock suggests increasing the crew’s booze ration, and stepping up the schedule of religious services. The Captain says something about hoping their new guest doesn’t cause them any more trouble.
We get back to the drift. Apparently the Primarch doesn’t like this Inquisition thing. We introduce him to our boss. They’re all gravitas-ey, then the Inquisitor demands to see us in his office. After getting a whiff of Mynock, and his three weeks of uninterrupted chemical toilet use, he amends this to shower first, then debrief.
So many Ad Mech! Even more than usual. Naia and Kaius both notice that these aren’t Naval, ship-fixing types. Everyone panics and looks for the Primarch, who’s in the Inquisitor’s chambers. We go up to see the Inquisitor.
Naia tells the truth, and says that she thinks it’s the end of days and we need to find and help the other Primarchs.
Kaius also tells the whole truth, and coos over the armor. Kaius confronts the Inquisitor about the strange group of Ad Mech, and the Inquisitor glosses it over. Meanwhile, Ignatia and Naia are trying to break and enter, looking for the Primarch, and/or valuables.
While Mynock is extending his conversation with the Inquisitor, Kaius and Naia go to DC, bluff their way past the watchmen, and Naia says:
“This is a test. The INS Moriana has docked. This is a test. Over.”
The Inquisitor draws on Mynock with intent to kill.
Ignatia breaks in to where the Primarch is.
Mynock blows the Inquisitor’s brains out, then takes his weapons and rosette.
Ignatia convinces Khan to come with us by saying, effectively, that we can’t trust the Inquisition and we are taking him home. He comes.
Mynock is stopped by the Inquisitor’s secretary. “Isn’t that the Inquisitor’s power sword? Did he say you could take that?”
“He tried to kill me,” Mynock answers, with the gun on her. She goes to hit the alarm, Mynock shoots and hits, but she sounds the alarm anyway. He kills her and leaves.
The alarm is sounding. When Mynock gets to the bottom of the elevator, there’s a group of guards with guns on him. He says that the secretary went rogue and killed the Inquisitor. The guards believe him. As they file into the elevator, Mynock tells the Captain that he must go up and trigger the combustion lock on the Inquisitor’s code books.
“Do your duty to the Emperor today.” Mynock says, claps him on the back, and walks away.
“Do we have a plan to get me the hell out of here?” Mynock asks quietly over the vox.
“Meet in the landing bay,” chimes Naia.
Khan wants to know what’s going on. Ignatia tries to explain that there was a threat on his life and the Inquisitor was lying to them. Naia calls Mynock and tells him that if he gets held up they need to leave.
Mynock calls CIC and says that the Inquisitor has been assassinated and he needs to take the fleet to Lord Inquisitor Girath.
When Mynock gets down to the landing bay, he falls on his knees before the Primarch and says:
“My Lord, you are the highest authority, above even the High Lords of Terra. I ask that you make me your first Inquisitor, as I have killed him who would betray you.” He throws the rosette at Khan’s feet. The Primarch picks up the rosette and crushes it in one hand.
“They have lost their way, whatever the intentions of the one who founded this Inquisition.”
With the Primarch, we go to the fleet, under the command of Commodore Gracian Angilelo.
The battleship, the ‘Path to Victory’, challenges our landing. Mynock tells the Commodore to meet us in the light craft bay. When that is challenged, Mynock says:
“Under the authority of the Holy Inquisition and the Primarch Jagedai Khan.”
We step off and meet a Captain who was unfortunately tasked to meet us. With the Primarch, we are quickly taken to the Commodore. The fleet is leaving.
Khan calls us all together and says:
“This will get interesting. The rest of my brothers must be found and roused. I need your assistance. I borrowed the good Inquisitor’s database, and one of the things I noticed while I was speaking to him was that there are reports that look like the work of my brothers. Look into the ones we know first. Go to Ultramar.”



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