The Emperor's Finest

Message given to Malcador

Voice 1: Have you done it Malcador?
Voice 2: Yes my lord. I have placed Garro and Iacton Qruze on it. I have also ensured that we will have those on watch in the ranks of your sons.
Voice 1: Good, are you recording this?
Voice 2: Yes my lord, although this is most irregular
Voice 1: I know, but you must have faith. This will be vital later. The galaxy will be plunged into darkness. All will seem lost. In that moment, these people you are selecting must be able to act. It will seem terrible, but it must be done. They will know what has to be done and most will attempt to stop them. They must remain undeterred. They must have faith.
Voice 2: How will they know? How do they know who they are?
Voice 1: Simple, they will find this message.



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