The Emperor's Finest


with a prelude in G minor

Marshal Blackthorn, who had been occupied with a civilian law case in the fleet during the excitement leading up to the Inquisitor’s death, rejoins the party. He is prevented from arresting Mynock, despite an open admittance of murder (with due cause), by a tricky question of jurisdiction. Can an Arbites officer arrest someone sworn to the service of Primarch Jagedai Khan? Well, not without his permission. Probably. You see, it’s never really come up before…
Mynock and Blackthorn share a drink and the story continues.
We are given a small, fast ship that’s a long way from spaceworthy and told to go to Ultramar to wake Roboute Guilliman. We all lend our talents to getting the ship underway. Naia’s analysis on repair times is grim, but between Kaius’ technical abilities and Mynock’s morale boosting, we may just make it…



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