The Emperor's Finest

Getting Guilleman

We find out the virus isn’t going to work because we don’t actually have a computer scientist. So we decide to blow it up instead.

Ok, blowing it up won’t work well. Let’s go talk to Marnius Calgar because MaCragge is getting f’d up and maybe he’ll listen to us now.

Kaius talks to the chief engineer and looks up the update records – he then calls Naia to help find the update records – and the records are in terrible disarray. Kaius then sics Naia on the chief engineer about violating record procedures, then jumps in to ‘help’ with an ‘update’ on a USB.

‘Command accepted. Running executable.’

The head engineer starts screaming in binary and alarms sound.

‘Executable accepted. Beginning update.’

‘Error: dynamic library not found. Warning. Warning. Warning.’

‘System compensating.’

‘System compensating successful. Rerouting.’

‘Manual override attempt underway.’

The technicians are trying to stop whatever we’re doing. Mynock starts smashing computer terminals with a big wrench while Kaius tries to hacker-fight the technicians. After freezing for a minute, Naia grabs one of the pipe bombs, walks up to the chief engineer, says “The Emperor does not tolerate incompetence,” and sticks it in his robes. Blackthorne attaches pipe bombs to the back of the tech’s chairs. One of the technicians joins the chief engineer in running and screaming.

‘Manual override cancelled. Operation proceeding.’

‘Manual lockout engaged. Locking out all manual inputs.’

The remaining Ad Mech flee.

‘System commands accepted. 1 of 48,638 updates…2 of 48,638…’

About 90 seconds later, the door blows in and there are space marines (update at about 32,000).

Mynock, the Brigadier of Bullshit, makes up some bullshit about a gas leak and the tech priests going crazy, but we just pulled up our shirts over our noses until the ventilation cleared it. Everything is peaceful and in order.
And they buy it. Tech priests are wierd, no?

‘48,638 of 48,638. System reboot commenced.’

With a noticeable change in the air, the field shuts down.

Guilleman is awake but can’t move. An apothecary comes in, tries to get the field reinitialized, and in addition to that not being possible Naia screams at him – really, everyone talks at once. However, we do get the Primarch off the dais before the field reinitializes. Guilleman is hospitalized and we are in jail. Oh well.

Tigurius comes to see us. Happily, he is not here to torture, kill…anyway, he gives us a chess set to pass the time after telling us Calgar has been demoted to Captain. There is (of course!) plastique in the chess set. We break out after playing a few games, and leave the board with white in checkmate.

The Inquisitor ambushes us at the elevator. Fortune inspires Mynock to duck, and a bolt goes flying over his head as the elevator doors open. Blackthorne disarms her, Mynock tackles, Naia hits the elevator button, and Kaius mumbles. We have a talk with the Inquisitor in the elevator about how we’re going to behave like adults.

We go to the VIP floor of the Apothecary. There are well-decorated marines lining the halls; the Captain of the Second Company addresses us (Cato Secarius). We ask to see the Primarch to pay our respects as emissaries of the Khan. The Inquisitor says we’re heretics, killed our Inquisitor, and demands that we be executed at once. Mynock says – well, yes, we did, but he went against Khan, who then dissolved the Inquisition.
Secarius passes the buck, and we go in to see the Primarch, who has apparently stripped down and is doing 30,000 push-ups. He has a good laugh at Abbadon, and then we get on to the good part of the story.
So, the Sisters of Silence. They were recruited and enhanced by the Emperor, but men turned out to be easier to genetically manipulate so he stuck to the Primarchs/Space Marines. Sisters of Silence were all nulls.
He had to find a way to remove humanity from the Warp/Chaos. Moriana with Arimann? Wierd. Anyway. Sadly, Kaius is turned down for position of armourer, again. Naia is similarly turned down for tea and stories. No idea where we’re going next, but at least the successor chapters are showing up soon to break the siege and Guilleman has halted the advance of Chaos.



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