The Emperor's Finest

Cadia Falls

The End of an Era

40K Session Notes: 5/31/2014
Magos Bennett is the leader of the dig on Rakesh. We head there on the fast-packet ship Intrepid Adventure.
We’ve come up with a new insanity to add to the rules: Must lick the highest technology on the ship.
We have a new techie from Hiigara. My seriousness, it is broken.

The find is a battleship, in 7-8 kilometerish pieces, about 7000-8000 years old. Naia points out that if it’s been in the Warp it could be much older.
We go on a tour. There’s something the Ad Mech are afraid to go in, so that’s why we’re here. There’s a monorail. We get kitted for the exploration of the compartment (cutting torches, rope, Oxygen masks, etc.)
Found Mark V Adeptus Astartes armor, along with period bolters and such. Magos’ guess is that someone was trying to rebuild a Legion. No people bits. No manifest. No name. They’ve run the serial numbers, but they don’t match anything in the registry. More preserved parts of the ship started in vacuum! Hermetically sealed areas have been able to be powered, but there’s nothing there.
There’s a hermetically sealed door, with a funny sigil. This is what we we’ve been summoned here. It has a really weird Inquisition sigil on the door – an I with a superimposed symbol we’ve never seen before.
Our Hiigaran not-tech-priest hotwires the door. It boots up. Last accessed: M31.232. Ignatia quips: Wait, isn’t that during the Heresy? Kaius says, worriedly: Hmm, this is a Gloriana class…
Ignatia finds fingerprint oil on the keyboard, but too many characters to make it crackable in any reasonable amount of time. Kaius then gets the door open.
There’s a black box on the table, in the exact center. There is nothing else in the room. The black box has the strange sigil on it, and there are fingerprints on the sides from it being carried. After much debate, we decide to not saw it open and just take it back to the Inquisitor. First, we send a message to the Inquisitor, and get a reply back saying that we need to return posthaste, and can open the box if we can figure out how to without breaking it. We enter the Warp.
The Marshall, Kaius, and Naia are fiddling with the box when we get it open. Inside is a datapad, which greets us in a feminine voice, then plays a recording. A baritone voice tells us to do terrible things, and then the datapad self-destructs.

When we return to the drift, Battlefleet Cadia is in pieces around the drift. We are informed that Cadia has fallen. We show the Inquisitor our message; he pales but does not change his orders.

We are sent to a Chaos-pacified planet, one of the ones where there have been strange sightings. To infiltrate, we bring our packet ship in on the far side of one of the moons and slowboat a transatmospheric shuttle in, hiding amidst the space debris to cloak our approach. The resident Lex Mechanic has no idea where the next sighting will be, so we set off for the nearest one, down in the volcanic region.

We have a strange encounter on our way down. A bunch of cultists blow themselves up, and then we take fuel and beef jerky, bringing us up to 340 mile range with some extra cans from the hardware store.

Next, we find a military vehicle in bad shape. We take a can of diesel from the tank, a stubber, and 45 rounds of ammo. We are now at 300 miles range.

Next, we find another town – somewhat more substantial than the last. We are at 250 mile range. The town is a 4×4 square. We decide to drive through as quickly as possible. We get hit with las-fire – two to the engine. One takes out the coolant. The other is a fuel line. We coast out of town on momentum. As people file out towards us, Ignatia yells:
“In the name of the Emperor, we’re here to help!”
The agent steps out into plain sight, throws his carbine to the side, and puts his hands up. The technician gets out and starts fixing the car. The Marshal gets out, puts his hands on his hips, and yells:
“Now why in the name of the Emperor are you shooting at the Inquisition?”
The agent walks forward.
There is apparently another Marshal running this bunch. They talk. We are now friends. One of the men has seen the apparition, and is taking us there. We get a big diesel truck to take us there. Our range is now 600 miles.




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